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Charter Schools in Indian River County

I am a huge proponent for school choice. Charter schools are one of many options that fall under this category. I don’t believe parents should be limited to their zoned school. Parents should be able to choose the school that best fits their child’s need for greater opportunities and educational successes. I believe it is incredibly important that we support charter schools in any way possible. Their practices, policies, and procedures are proving higher educational gains in comparison to other non-charter schools. 

Charters are independently run public schools, but with greater flexibility in their daily operations. I believe their successes are due to the fact that they are exempt from many of the regulations that govern other district schools. Yet, they are accountable for their results. They must demonstrate performance in the areas of academic achievement, financial management, and organizational stability. If not, they may be closed.

As a result, one of the missions of the our school district is to support our charter schools as one of many parental school choice options for quality public education. 

There are many benefits to partnering with charter schools as a viable school option. Charter schools can receive greater access to facilities, student enrollment, increased exposure to district expertise, even more professional development opportunities for their teachers. The benefits for school districts can include sharing costs including recruitment and transportation. For our community at large, there would be more high-quality school options available for students, better services for English language learners and special education students, and streamlined school information and enrollment systems. 

Currently, all our charter schools are “A” rated. They are Imagine South Vero, Indian River Charter High School, North County Charter Elementary School, Sebastian Charter Jr. High, and St. Peter’s Prepatory Academy. All should be congratulated on their well done hard work.

Paid for and approved by Jacqueline  Rosario for School Board.
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