Currently, Illinois homeowners are struggling under the weight of paying the second highest property tax in the United States. Now Springfield is working to increase taxes on more hardworking Illinoisans. While politicians continue to talk about more tax increases, many in Illinois are leaving for better opportunities. Jackie has seen how politicians have forgotten about the children and families they represent and have failed to help grow opportunities. As a result, Jackie opposes reckless tax increases and believes Illinoisans should be able to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Having been a working mom throughout her career, Jackie understands how hard Illinoisans work and the sacrifices they make in order to bring home their paycheck to their families. As the CEO of a nonprofit, Jackie also knows what it takes to manage a budget and live within your means. Taxpayer dollars should be protected, not spent frivolously by politicians. Jackie is committed to protecting your tax dollars and identifying ways to eliminate the wasteful spending in Springfield.

Time after time, we hear about politicians getting involved in shady backroom deals or engaging in downright unethical and illegal activity. The people of the 79th District deserve a representative who will roll up her sleeves and work on bipartisan solutions to root out corruption and restore integrity in Illinois. As state representative, Jackie will bring her proven track record as a leader of a nonprofit to advance needed ethics reforms in Springfield for the betterment of our state.

Jackie has served her community as a lifelong advocate to ensure people have the care and access they need to healthcare, particularly behavioral healthcare. Through her leadership on behavioral health legislation, Jackie knows the direct impact Springfield can have on our communities and state. Healthcare decisions should be made by families and individuals, not the government, and Jackie is committed to protecting those individual liberties while fighting for accessible and affordable care for Illinoisans.