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School Safety and Mental Wellness 

School Safety and mental wellness is a non-negotiables.

First, it is important that IRCSD continue working closely with local law enforcement agencies to increase the presence of school resource deputies on all school campuses. Jackie Rosario believes we can do better with our front door entrance policies. We could install buzzers to buzz people in. We can use a monitored video alarm system to see who is buzzing or ringing to get into schools buildings. Front offices could use a buzzer to buzz discreetly into another office in case of an emergency or intrusion. We have to ensure all exits are locked at all times and that no-one can or should use those exits unless for emergency purposes only.

Additionally, Jackie is impressed to implement the mandates put forth under a new school safe bill that was recently passed. In part it tell districts that students must list any referrals to mental health services at the time of enrollment. It also states that districts are to establish a Student Crime Watch Program through which students can anonymously report suspicious activities to authorities. We need to begin putting together a threat assessment team to monitor and work closely to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Finally, our district has to focus on mental wellness. The school safe bill also grants districts the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 a year extra for enhanced mental health services for our students. Mental health supports such as social workers, counselors and behavior intervention specialists, providing parent/guardian forums, putting in place behavior-driven intervention programs such as anger and aggression-management strategies, suicide-prevention programs, bullying prevention, and partnering with local mental health facilities, all of these efforts truly work when trying to help everyone in a school building reach students.

Our focus should be to develop strong academic, social and emotional roots, roots that go deep enough to keep them all well grounded and well supported. With this is mind, we would be remiss if we disregarded professional development for all school, district staff in the areas of mental health. It is critica all faculty and staff are trained in social-emotional mental wellness growth development to assist all mentally struggling children succeed.

As school board member it would be incumbent upon me to work closely with fellow board members, district personnel, school building personnel, and our community to ensure these mandates are enforced and that students across our entire district will feel safe learning and growing to their best potential. 


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