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What are Jackie's top priorities during her first year in office? 

In addition to being fiscally responsible setting policies and procedures, Jackie's goals are to be focused on helping our schools meet and exceed expectations for school improvement so that, together we can improve academic achievement with all students.

  • As School Board Member, it will be Jackie's responsibility to hold the Superintendent accountable with regard to his daily tasks, interactions, spending, as well with meeting our district's strategic and improvement plans. Part of her goal would be to ensure that our schools have what they need to reach their specific aims.
  • Jackie has worked in underserved urban Title 1 schools for about 90% of her career. In these schools she was responsible with overseeing the Title I funds. This means, she knows firsthand, how to in part, manage school budgets. Jackie also worked on a team of professionals to write school improvement plans, set strategic goals for improving student achievement, and create steps to reach these goals. She understands the need to close the achievement gap. Jackie will make this a priority for the entire district.
  • Jackie is clear on the many nuances of writing and implementing I.E.P.s and 504 plans so we can serve our special needs students appropriately. Our English language learner population is diverse and fluid; they need extra support and specific resources that address the needs of our ESL student population.
  • Parent involvement is another area Jackie feels we need to place our efforts. Some parents are very involved, but Jackie says we need to reach those that aren't. She will focus on improving communication methods with families as well as with our community.
  • Finally, but not least of all, Jackie will work to improve the school district with regards to recruiting, hiring, supporting, and recruiting diverse highly qualified teachers. She sees faculty diversity as an asset that promotes a dynamic, inclusive learning environment for all students.


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