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Mrs. Rosario was my 9th and 10th grade English teacher. It was a remarkable experience to see her compassion and dedication to me and her other students. Many of us saw English as another boring subject in high school and Mrs. Rosario infectious energy brought life and fun to the classroom. I envision her doing the same to the School Board by engaging and inspiring others to give their best. — Awilda Martinez - Former Student

VOTE ROSARIO FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS I highly recommend Jackie Rosario as our next School Board Member in District 2. Jackie has been an educator for more than 20 years and she has a passion for teaching and learning. In fact, I know first hand her love for kids. She is fair and honest. She is also experienced and qualified. I don’t believe anyone else in her race comes close to her qualifications. Jackie is an advocate for school choice and loves the fact that we have successful charter schools as a part of our public school system. Jackie is a child advocate, but doesn’t just look at one or two aspects of the child, she looks at the whole child. She understands there are many variables that affect a child’s education and that’s why addressing the whole child is important to meeting or exceeding academic success. — Deb Seeley

Once they meet you they will vote for you...Best Wishes! — Judy Stang

If you support school choice in Indian River County, please vote August 28th. We have a great opportunity to make right on the the wrongs done to the students and teachers of IRC. Jacqueline Rosario is an outspoken candidate supporting school choice. BEWARE OF PACs trying to control local politics.... — Rick Terry - Teacher

I think Jackie Rosario has the education background, life experience and the will to make a positive impact on the Indian River County School Board for our citizens and students. — Gene Waddell- Former IRC School Board Chairman

Jackie Rosario has all the qualities necessary to make a fantastic board member.

The public school system is an institution resistant to change.  I see it as a well oiled machine that does not want to be tinkered with even here in our own county. As a board member I recognize we can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.    

Innovation and ingenuity leads to a world class education that will propel Indian River County students into the 21st century job market.

We need strong leadership on the Indian River County School Board that has the inside knowledge of what is working within the school district and what is not.

We need someone that will ask tough questions and challenge the 'status quo'.

We need someone that understands not all students can learn in a one size fits all setting.   Someone that values the input of parents and teachers. 

We need someone that is going to take the time to dive deep into the issues and research the recommendations being made to the board from all angles.  Someone that will not be a rubber stamper but instead a neutral board member that will put the students above politics.

We need Jackie Rosario because she is by far the most qualified candidate in the District 2 race.

— Laura Zorc - Current IRC School Board Member, District 3

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