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What are they saying about Jackie?


"Jackie is not a politician, but a parent who will advocate for ALL students and teachers." ~ Judy Stang, Vero Beach


"Rosario...will insist on financial transparency, and they will support school choice and innovative charter schools. Traditional public education and parent involvement have been the bedrock of our country’s success for many years. We need Rosario...on the school board to see it continues." ~ Susan Mehiel, Vero Beach


"Jackie Rosario’s faith and conservative views, along with her extensive academic background and experience, make her the most qualified candidate for School Board, District 2. She has a passion for education which began over two decades ago as teacher and a school administrator...Most importantly, she is a loving wife and mom. We need more like her to step up." ~Sue Thielke, Vero Beach

"Rosario — who has spent decades as an educator and administrator in New York, St. Lucie and Indian River counties — also wants better communication from the district. Further, she wants to expand extracurricular programs for home-schooled students and provide more services to students with special needs and those learning English as a second language. Rosario touts her experience as a school administrator, as well as her time managing funds on Title 1, low-income campuses, among her qualifications for a board position. Rosario also has stressed the district's need to emphasize mental-health care for students..." ~ Andrew Atterbury, Treasure Coast Newspapers, Published Oct. 5, 2018 

"If I were to describe Jacquline Rosario, I would describe her to be passionate, loyal and very intelligent.  She is a woman that many would say is a great example of faith. She serves God, her family , friends and community with a humble heart and with a desire to see positive change.   Jacquline loves people and truly stands by the belief that any child can learn when given the opportunity. She is an encourager and a researcher. She is the person that  will find the solutions. She empowers others through her leadership. Jacquline Rosario is the person you want by your side and advocating for our children." ~ Ayesha Boria, Assistant Principal

"You would make an amazing school board member!! Your values and beliefs align strongly with ours, and we want to support Godly candidates running for office—especially when our children are involved! Not to mention your credentials and experience in the education field are astounding!" ~ Julie McFarlane, Teacher and Owner of Julie Art of Music


"You are passionate about all that is good and just and you are honest as can be!" ~ Tiffany Allen McLaughlin, Vero Beach


"I believe she (Jackie) will bring about the change we need in the district with integrity and honesty and do what is best for the children, the parents and the employees of the school district." ~ Vicki Dixon Slides, Vero Beach

"If you support school choice in Indian River County, please vote August 28th. We have a great opportunity to make right on the the wrongs done to the students and teachers of IRC...Jacqueline Tirado-Rosario (is one of) the most outspoken candidates supporting school choice." ~ Rick Terry, Teacher, Vero Beach


"I highly recommend Jackie Rosario as our next School Board Member in District 2. Jackie has been an educator for more than 20 years and she has a passion for teaching and learning. In fact, I know first hand her love for kids. She is fair and honest. 

She is also experienced and qualified. I don’t believe anyone else in her race comes close to her qualifications. Jackie is an advocate for school choice and loves the fact that we have successful charter schools as a part of our public school system. 

Jackie is a child advocate, but doesn’t just look at one or two aspects of the child, she looks at the whole child. She understands there are many variables that affect a child’s education and that’s why addressing the whole child is important to meeting or exceeding academic success." ~ Deborah Seeley, Vero Beach

"For School Board I am voting for someone who is experienced, qualified, dedicated, and a known advocate for quality education for ALL children in IRC." ~ Tim Zorc, Indian River County Commissioner 


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