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What distinguishes Jackie from her opponents in the District 2 School Board Member race?

Jackie's Experience.   She is the only person seeking the District 2 seat as School Board Member who is an educator by heart and by choice. She is the only person who chose to become a teacher and a school administrator. She is the only candidate who is currently certified/licensed by the Florida Department of Education as a teacher for all grades, a school supervisor and administrator, which means when she visits schools, she is already familiar with what to observe in and out of the classroom. In comparison her opponents have absolutely no educational professional work experience.   

Jackie did not decide to become a child advocate a couple of years ago — no. She became an education cheerleader, a lifelong learner, and a child advocate over 20 years ago, which is why many consider the position as School Board Member a perfect parallel to Jackie's work experience and her qualifications.


"When I am elected, I will be able hit the ground running with little effort to learn the job before me unlike my opponents."  ~ Jackie Rosario


Jackie is the only candidate who can give her full attention to the elected position. She is the only candidate who is not torn between full time work and being a School Board Member. All of the other candidates have full time commitments.


"I will make this position a priority."~Jackie Rosario

Jackie has school building budgets experience. None of her opponents have this experience. As an Assistant Principal she has worked with Title I funds, created initiatives in schools, and has had oversight, in part, with million dollar school budgets.  None of her opponents have this kind of experience.

Jackie has not been groomed for this position. She comes on her own accord and with zero relationship with anyone in the district. So, favoritism will not be of concern for Jackie. Because Jackie is a “solo” candidate she will make her own decisions.


"I have the wisdom, understanding, and experience to make my own decisions and vote according to what is right, not based on what is expected."

~ Jackie Rosario


Most of all, Jackie Rosario is a mom.  Jackie will be a strong advocate as a school board member for parental rights.


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