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What would Jackie do as a School Board Member to raise IRCSD grade?


Indian River County, a B-rated district with 26 total schools. 

8 A-rated schools, up from five in 2016-17. 

7 B-rated schools

10 C-rated schools

1 D-rated school

Of 26 schools, 4 are A's and remained A's. That would bring us to 22 schools. 9 of which showed improvement. 

Of the remaining 13 schools, 8 remained the same grade and showed no grade improvement.  Five schools decreased in grade. Therefore, 13 total schools showed no improvement.

Again, 13 of 26 schools showed no improvement. That means 1/2 of our schools have shown NO improvement. 

Yet, this school district earned 655 points and are 27th statewide. 

The first factor of any school district’s success is sharing a clear and purposeful vision. Districts must effectively articulate and live out their vision and mission so that the end goals will be met.

Jackie believes we have to focus our attention on changing our recruiting, hiring, and retention practices, making sure we are not just filling classrooms with long term subs. We need highly effective, highly qualified and certified teachers in the right classrooms. 

"The school district should make it possible for principals to autonomously lead their own school improvement effectively without a top-down approach by our superintendent. When school principals are given a framework in which to work with their own faculty on an improvement agenda with collaborative support from the district, improvement from our current district grade to a better overall score will occur. This will then allow for greater support for teachers because they would also be able to be more creative with their teaching without forcing them to teach to the test."

In addition, Jackie also believes we should work on closing the achievement gaps with rigorous curriculum and evidenced based instruction, enhance culture competences, provide individualized instructional supports, include social-emotional initiatives, extend supplemental learning opportunities, offer high quality professional development for teachers to use proven best practice strategies, and monitor progress and data regularly. 

Review our current teaching strategies is yet another way to address our academic needs. Providing differentiated instruction in classrooms is a proven research based strategy that not only addresses the whole child, but also provided teachers an opportunity to create lessons specific to individual student needs.

With our Treasure Coast Technical College in place, we will be able to guide our non-traditionally college bound students to enroll in vocational training which would absolute increase interest, achievement, student and teacher morale, participation rate, graduation rate and so on and so on. 

Finally, Jackie would love for our district to take another look at removing “full” inclusion and heterogenous class make ups when and if appropriate for each student. Full inclusion is not always best for “all” students just as heterogenous classrooms are not always best for “all”.

As school board member, Jackie Rosario will work hard on changing the climate and culture of our current school district and implement these efforts to raise our district grade from a “B” to an “A.”


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