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Why School Board Member? What do you want to accomplish?


Jackie Rosario wants to hold this office because she knows firsthand the issues our teachers, administrators, students and parents face today. It is time we address fiscal responsibility, transparency, school safety, standards based instruction, assessments, and both district and school climate and culture. 

Jackie will be dedicated to closing the achievement gap, increasing community involvement, engage in hiring practices that will retain highly qualified instructional staff, and help to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their best potential while instilling in our children a love of learning. It is her desire to see children with special needs and second languages receive what they need rather than what we can afford to give them. 

She wants to push the envelope regarding reading proficiency, literacy, and STEAM related instructional practices. We can never do enough to raise the bar on achievement in reading, science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Jackie has expressed a desire to see our district host community events in collaboration with community members, such as countywide college and career fairs, STEAM-Fest, parent-guardian educational forums, performing arts programs and many more. Finally, she would also love to see our homeschool community invited to all of the countywide events and afterschool programs as well as sporting activities.


In summary, Jacqueline "Jackie" Rosario wants the following:

• Kids to reach their full potential.

• Parents to feel safe when they send their kids to school.

• Kids to love learning!

• All children to realize their strengths and push the beyond limits of making their dreams come true.

• To recruit and retain high qualified and certified teachers.

• Teachers to feel respected and encourage them to also reach their best potential while working at their craft.

• More parental support and increase parental involvement.

• To make the partnership between school and home, district and school, and district and home all the better so everyone involved feels like they worked together to achieve great things for our children.

• To see less teaching to the test and more differentiating of instruction with whole brain teaching methods so every child truly learns at his or her level, fully engaged in all ways in the learning process.

• Special needs and ESOL students receive what they need rather than what we can give them.

• To exceed our current efforts at reaching reading and literacy proficiency and I want to do more for our children within the realm of what is known as STEAM, Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

• To remain focused regarding issues of school safety, standards based instruction, formative assessments and increase culture and climate in our schools.

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